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Bicycle Box - frame or wheel

  • £14.99

  • Free postage and packaging
  • Dimensions: 104x21x71cm
  • Bicycle size: This box will fit a bicycle frame or set of wheels
  • Material: Double walled corrugated cardboard with extra- large ‘double flaps’ at the top and bottom of the box for extra strength to protect your bicycle.
  • Additional features: Large easy grip handles either side of the box making it easy to carry.
  • Pictured set of wheels not included

    We are bicycle packaging experts and have designed and manufactured the SendSecure range to ensure your bicycle withstands the rigours of transport. Our range is used by cycling professionals and companies to transport bicycles around the world and it is now available to the general public to buy exclusively at

    Whether you are buying or selling a bicycle, transporting a bicycle for a holiday or want it to be safe during storage then the 'SendSecure' Bicycle Box is what you need. 

    Courier Approved Bicycle Box
    Couriers will not collect a bicycle unless it is in a bicycle box. The SendSecure range is manufactured to the standards required by UK couriers and International Freight Transporters. By using one of our boxes you avoid issues such as a courier refusing to collect your bicycle, you receiving surcharges due to incorrectly declared sizes or in the event your bicycle gets lost or damaged -  a courier refusing to compensate you due to the bicycle being incorrectly packaged.

    Postage-Items are shipped out the same working day if ordered before 1pm for which includes online tracking and text updates while in transit.

    Trade enquiries welcome - 'Live Chat' with one of or helpers to discuss larger orders and competitive discounts.