Sizzling Summers & Barbecued Tyres!

Posted by Harrison Nall Smith on

Its been a busy Summer for us so far with lots of you needing bikes transported for race meetings and summer holiday trips. Whether its following the Tour De France or more gentle family riding around Spain.

But do spare a thought for our friend and customer Rikki whose front tyre 'melted' whilst on holiday in the South of France. Now a lot of people have experienced hot and worn tyres but poor Rikki said his tyre melted just by leaving his bike in the sun! We have advised him to invest in better tyres!

Please send us your funny or shocking (no nude selfies please!) summer holiday cycling photos' and the top three we publish we will be handing out discount vouchers for future bookings. Pippa in customer service will be making the top three choices so be nice to her :)

Lastly (shameless plug coming) do checkout out latest UK to EU prices for sending your bike starting from just £44.99 to France.

Any special requests you have then please just ask our team in Live Chat or email us at

Happy cycling!