Packaging Requirements

Preparing your bike for transport

Packaging materials required

Bubble wrap

Cable ties

Foam Tubes

Packaging chips

Bicycle box

Packaging tape

Tools required

Allen keys

Adjustable spanner

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  • Use one of our SendSecure boxes

    for the best shipping rate or you can find boxes for bikes at most bike stores. The box needs to be large and strong enough to fit the bike and the different parts you will be removing. Or a specialist bike box

  • Remove any accessories

    including lights, water bottles, speedometers and mudguards. If you are shipping extra items please inform us first

  • Remove the pedals

    by turning the bolt of the right pedal counter-clockwise with your wrench, and vice versa for the left pedal. This is needed so your bike fits within the box

  • Shift the bicycle chain

    onto the small chain ring and largest rear cog

  • Loosen and remove the seat post and seat as a unit

    Once removed, re-tighten the seat post bolt so the seat does not fall out. If your bike is older, just unscrew the bolt or nut that is used to keep it in place and lift the seat from the frame

  • Time to remove the front wheel

    Undo this and then slide the wheel through the brake blocks and set the wheel to one side. Don’t forget to Install and secure plastic end caps over your axles and cassette. Place your wheels into padded wheel bags or wrap with dense foam, bubble wrap

  • You will now need to remove the handlebar

    Simply remove the bolts from the stem face plate to detach the handlebar, lower the handlebar, turning it vertically so it slides down by your front forks. If you have an older 'quill' system it is easier to remove the handlebars and quill stem as one by simply undoing the stem bolt. After removing the handlebar, rotate the fork and stem so they are facing backwards

  • Please wrap your entire frame and fork with dense foam tubing

    ecure the foam tubing with cable ties

  • Fill the bottom of your box with two inches of foam,

    bubble wrap or packaging chips. Then lift the frame and place inside of the box and fill all remaining space around it with packaging chips or bubble wrap

  • Secure your box with plenty of packaging tape

    Make sure to wrap all seams in three layers of tape and then layer tape 3 times in a vertical and horizontal fashion around the box. You then need to clearly attach the shipping labels to the box

  • Shake your bike box or hard case

    Listen for rattling or clinging of loose items - if anything is loose, reopen your box, then pad and secure accordingly

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