Buying a bike from an eBay seller? We can make it a lot easier...

Posted by Harrison Nall Smith on

 You have the initial rush of being the winning bidder on eBay and then you realise, how am I going to get this bike to me?

You realise the seller has a 'collect only' policy. Whilst the seller might be seeming difficult, its normally just the case that he doesn't know either how he would send you the bike easily and cost effectively.

This is where we come in. Our UK to UK service with FREE Bike Box makes it much easier. Prices start at £37.99. We send the seller one of our easy to assemble bike boxes (with the option of bubble wrap and packing tape too). All they need to do is loosen the front wheel, make the handlebars horizontal with the frame, pop it into the box and bingo! All ready to be collected by us and delivered to you.

Super Tip: 
If the seller is reluctant to pack the bike, offer them an extra £5.00 to do this. 9 times out of 10 this works :)

We also have a new service for an extra £9.99 where we can liaise with the seller on your behalf...taking the logistical hassle away from you! We will call the seller, put them at ease, find out a good day to collect the bike and be the point of contact for the back and forth arrangements that need to be made. Just ask us on live chat how to book this service.