We are a professional company handling thousands of parcels working closely with our partners and our priority is to make this a happy experience for you our customer

Unfortunately sometimes a parcel may be damaged and we want to act quickly on your behalf with the help of our professional team.

To minimize any stress and to act as quickly as possible to resolve this for you-please fill in the ‘Priority action Claim form’

Once completed please forward to the ‘Action Claim Team’ you will be allocated a team member who is experienced in dealing with this for you.

He or she will be dealing with your claim and all the information you forward on the form to resolve this in a speedy manner

Claim form and information

Please complete the claims form on this page it is important that all parts are completed

Claims must be submitted within 3 working days with all requested documents and photographs

We cannot process or investigate any claims without all the information

Photographs of all the packaging used on the item externally and internally must also be submitted

Claims can take up to a maximum of 28 working days from the date of submission but we do try to resolve them as quickly as possible   


                                                    Action Claim Form


 Attachments------------download upload here

Photographs of the damaged item

Photographs of the external packaging

Photographs of the internal packaging-showing how the goods were protected inside the parcel

An invoice showing the value of the goods

Once we have received all the required information your claim will be processed and you will receive a final conclusion within 28 days